Food Coach

Supporting you in your journey to a better health!


You, like anyone else, are a unique individual. So the “how” depends a lot on how you currently live your life, and what your current relationship with food looks like.

I lost 37 kilos (82 lbs)

Without voodoo, without pills, without an operation, and no diet that excludes certain foods… But please note, I will NOT teach you how to lose weight. I know by personal experience that this is something the folks at Weight Watchers (nowadays known as WW, Wellness that Works) are way better at that than I am.

From me you’ll learn how to cook fast, tasty and well balanced!

I can teach you how to to cook properly. And how to prepare and cook fast!! And all of that with fresh ingredients. Like so many people, my life is a full one. I love to cook, I love to eat. But I do NOT love being stuck in the kitchen for hours. Hence the quick routine. Learning how to cook like I do, will definitely support you in your journey to a better health!

I “de-specialise” food

Be aware… I’m going to rock your world, and smash all your beliefs about so called superfoods, healthy and unhealthy food. I’ll teach you how to discern between truth and bullshit about nutrition in the media, in no time.

I will prove to you that you can find all you need in your local stores. No need to hurt your wallet over exclusive spices or so called superfoods, or rip your credit card in expensive online stores. Preparing tasty well balanced dishes should be uncomplicated and if possible, even a fun and relaxing thing to do. And it would be my pleasure to show you how.


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