Anne manages online projects in web and app development

And yes, she actually does speak tech, geek and nerd.

Functional Design

A Functional Design is a costly part of your project… But not having one may well prove to be costlier!

Want to make sure everyone involved knows what to do? And which results are expected? Who is stake holder? And who is not?

Do you want to be able to quickly bring a new developer or designer up to speed on his or her tasks if another falls off the wagon?

Do you want to avoid miscommunication by geekspeak and does the expression of “expectation management” sound like music to your ears?

Project Manager

Based on 20 years of experience in several fields of web- and app development projects, Anne can professionally manage your online project. A true “spider in the web”, she has a sophisticated worldwide network available of highly skilled web developers (backend and frontend), web designers, copywriters and online marketeers.

She prefers working with Open Source applications and speaks Dutch, English and German fluently. Both regular and tech speak.