Technical interpreter

If techspeak, geekspeak and nerdspeak sounds like gibberish to you, talk to Anne!

Sounds familiar?

Customer: “I want you to change that menu item.”
Developer: “What menu item?”
Customer: “The third one.”
Developer: (agitated) “I don’t see a menu item!”
Customer: “Of course you do, you made it!”
Developer: “I never made menu items…”
Customer: “I just mailed you a screenshot!”
Developer: “Ah, THAT! That’s a button, sir. Not a menu item.”

Conversations like this are time consuming and tiring on both parties. It’s all a matter of definitions. Anne knows them.

Clear communication saves time and money

Oh my, isn’t that stating the obvious?

And yet, many projects exceed the given budgets. Although my services may seem a costly investment, hiring me will save you a lot of money in the entire process.